Monday, May 24, 2010

Lindsay Lohan's day in court

I don't normally engage in celebrity gossip or drop the name of starlets in a naked attempt to grab more internet traffic, but the saga of Lindsay is just too funny to pass up. Let me count the ways:

1.) Lindsay showed up for court sporting a revealing white top, obviously hoping she would, um, persuade, a male judge with her, um, assets. Alas, Judge Marsha Revel was unswayed.
2.) When Lindsay's lawyer objected to the terms of her release, including wearing a SCRAM bracelet to monitor her vodka intake, the judge declared she would enumerate her reasons for the conditions. Lindsay's lawyer pulled an Emily Litella: "Never mind!"
3.) Among the reasons Lindsay gave for missing the original court date: somebody stole her passport, some jewelry was missing, she ran out of gas, had a flat tire, didn't have money for cab fare, there was an earthquake, a terrible flood, LOCUSTS!

1 comment:

Ed G. Mann said...

Some serious jail time cures this type of behavior on the part of these borderline personalities.

Fines mean nothing to them for money they have, freedom is something else.