Thursday, October 29, 2009

The Pelosicare bill

Here's a roundup from the AP. And here's all you need to know:

It costs a trillion dollars.
It's paid for by taxes that won't be collected and cuts to Medicare that will never happen.

Extra – From Critical Condition: "The insanity of the House bill"

The bill unveiled today by House Speaker Nancy Pelosi should put to rest for good the thought that this year’s legislative process will produce anything other than a total fiscal and health policy disaster.

To sum it up, the House bill is nothing but a massive, uncontrolled federal entitlement expansion - at a time when the central, looming threat to the nation’s long-term prosperity is the unaffordable health-care entitlements already on the federal books. To create the impression of fiscal responsibility, the bill is jury-rigged with budget gimmicks, implausible eligibility rules, and arbitrary, government-dictated price controls - that have been tried repeatedly without success - to make it look like it costs “only” $900 billion over a decade.

Yee-ouch! Let's debate!

More - Legal Insurrection: "The message of this bill not add employees." That's OK, there are plenty of jobs out there.


Bram said...

"Let's debate"

That is the last thing Pelosi wants. I doubt there will be serious debate on the floor or on the talk shows. Just midless repetition of the talking points.

Anonymous said...

Amen. It was absolutely ridiculous to see all of the leftwing Pelosi zombies this past summer, shouting down town hall meetings about health care. You just can't reason with those people.