Friday, September 18, 2009

Crunch time for the talking heads

The word on the street is that Obama is going to appear on maybe five Sunday talk shows this weekend. This is the time, finally, for the mainstream media to show that they're serious about getting answers from this White House instead of recirculating the same tired points. I suggest the Sunday talk show hosts start with this Charles Krauthammer column as a baseline.

Let's start with three simple questions that still have not been answered:

1. How can you possibly pay for this?
2. In what way is the public option a fair player in the "insurance marketplace" if it's subsidized by taxpayers?
3. Is the individual insurance mandate even constitutional?

Update - Big surprise. The networks, CNN and Univision (not Fox) lined up for interviews and asked about race. I guarantee there won't be a sliver of difference between all these interviews.

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