Monday, September 14, 2009

Americans respond to Obama's big speech

With a giant "meh."

The WashPost has a tepid "Reform opposition is high but easing."
George Stephanapoulous states: "Bottom line: right now, voters are almost exactly where they were before the speech."
The Boston Globe declares: "Public insurer support fading - Moderates move away from option"
USA Today: "Speech doesn't boost Obama"

What's the White House response to this lack of response? More cowbell!

NY Times blog: "Obama May Do Back-to-Back TV Interviews Sunday"

That's leadership, baby.


Stupid Poster said...

Stupid 73% of stupid doctors favor the stupid public option, according to the stupid New England Journal of Medicine.

"Yes, the picture is real, nutroots" said...

FreedomWorks has run the numbers, and they can now announce that 2,250% of those polled are against Obama's plan.

notDilbert said...

.....because when people aren't buying what you are saying, we all know that the rational response is to keep repeating it until they do buy it. They just must not be hearing what HE is saying.

Anonymous said...

Why are you talking about victory in Iraq?