Thursday, February 26, 2009

Obama can't vote "present" this time – Karl Rove's refusal to testify before the House Judiciary Committee puts President Obama in a bind.


Nobody puts National Review in a corner! said...

"Obama has never been known for making tough decisions on principle."

And that's 100% true just because. There wasn't enough room on our internet to demonstrate the claim with any examples.

Just for one "possible" teensy-weensy counterexample. Okay, so it's the one that won him the Presidency. But the exception proves the rule, right?

The shrinking echo chamber that is the National Review blog

Anonymous said...

Douche! Herr Douchebag!

Lemme see?:

Close Gitmo? Ah...lemme see 'bout dat....Errr end the E'b'il war in Iraq?

How'z'akum yuz phail-yourz-be-in dunPHA-furz-phur failin'@whut yuz duz?

Ain't ya' got nuz' chinlunz?

Saiz' ya' dun' gitt'd tired 'uh' being tired'uh bein' tired

Humma-humma-humma...miss teach'ah? Missa 'Bama wanna put his nasty inna mouph.

Yo doog. Be ain'kool.

Be dah So sirety yooz' bin lookin'in ferz. (duh)

U gitz Urz


Jay1981 said...

Something tells me that Anonymous busted a gut laughing at the Post's "shoot the monkey" cartoon.

GHTT said...

#2: Jussssst smart enough not to sign his name to the post; not nearly smart enough to avoid thinking it, or stop himself from typing it.

Poilusk said...

What a loon. And he's not alone, not these days. Oh, how the right giggled at their "Bush Derangement Syndrome" quips.