Sunday, November 09, 2008

Amazing Race update – Instant karma's gonna get teams that don't read the clue

Teams start the morning in India by speeding to an apartment building and the next clue. Team Infidelity is the last team out of the gate and, because they finished last on the previous leg, will face an extra challenge in this leg. At the apartments, it's the Roadblock: one team member must participate in the Holi Festival which involves getting hit with colored powder. Nick & Starr finish quickly and head to the next clue at some pigeon coop.

The Ditzy Divorcees fulfill the annual TAR ritual by noting that India "stinks." They've already invited bad karma by ridiculing Team Bluto and their taxi driver gets lost. Then they fail to read the clue (again) and fall behind the other teams who can master the act of reading. Kelly keeps getting slammed with paint as she continues to go back for empty envelopes. Fittingly, Dan & Andrew arrive and leave behind the ex-wives.

At the pigeon coop, it's the Detour: Bleary-eyed or Teary-eyed. Teams may either follow a bunch of power lines and track small numbers or grind up a bowlful of chili powder, which may be physically difficult. Ken & Tina arrive at the Detour but they're turned around to do the Speed Bump, their extra task. They must serve holy water to pilgrims at a Sikh temple. The power lines dangling over the streets in India are as ordered as vines on an Ivy League dorm. Team Perky and Team Mom/Son team up to follow the lines and head to the Pit Stop.

Everybody is doing the power lines except Terence & Sarah who are chopping up chili powder under watering eyes. But Team Bluto and Team Ditzy Divorcees count the wrong tags on the lines and keep getting the thumbs-down from the local judge. After serving their penalty task, Ken & Tina get to the power lines and immediately do it correctly to pass the other two teams. They help Dan & Andrew around the same time (according to the TAR editing) that Kelly & Christie figure it out. Now it's a race to the finish line between these two teams. Shaky camera run to the mat! It's Team Bluto while Team Ditzy Divorcees brings in the rear where they are eliminated by Phil.

Final standings:

#1 – Team Perky – Nick & Starr
#2 – Team Mom/Son – Toni & Dallas
#3 – Team Co-dependency – Terence & Sarah
#4 – Team Infidelity – Ken & Tina
#5 – Team Bluto – Andrew & Dan
#6 – Team Ditzy Divorcees – Kelly & Christie

Next week: A sprint to the clue box.

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Mike said...

Those ditzy blonds were comedy gold. I laughed harder each time they took one of their 100 trips down power-line lane were the funniest moments this season.