Monday, May 12, 2008

It's not Cancun and there will be no pina coladas

Fox News has a lead story up titled "'Bonnie and Clyde' Jet-Setters Sign Plea Deal in Massive ID Theft Case." If you hadn't heard of this tale of identity theft, I urge you to go and read the Rolling Stone article on two of the most carefree and careless criminals ever. Super fun quote (via Philly Examiner because the Rolling Stone link isn't working):

These two were complete idiots. If this was two fat (expletive) from South Philly, it would have been Turner and Hooch.
Zing! At least you can see some photos of the young couple, living the good life on somebody else's dime. Now they're facing a 2-5 year vacation in sparser accommodations.

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Brian said...


As you know I am originally from South Philly and the press is all over this story there because the broad has a nice rack.

Glad you linked this story for all to see.