Wednesday, February 28, 2007

Stuck in line at Walmart

I stopped to get the following items: Hartz Joint Maintenance for my ancient dog, a box of Special K, and a can of WD-40. At the checkout, the cashier (ridiculously) asked if I was over 18 as the register display waited with a "Y/N". Huh? I had to ask and it turns out that you need to verify your age to purchase a can of WD-40 now.

I can only assume this is to keep kids from "huffing" the ubiquitous lubricant, but c'mon already. There must be a can of WD-40 available in every American home. Once again, the good intentions of the nanny state override the rough reality.

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Hercules in Belchertown said...

This State is just so depressing..Did you know you must show ID to buy a lighter? I know of only one place that actually enforces the law ( Cumberland farms in Granby ). I, with my grey hair and wrinkles had to dig out my Drivers License to buy a BIC lighter.