Tuesday, February 20, 2007

John Kerry's just making stuff up again

I realize it's fashionable to blame President Bush for every malady under the sun, but here's another example of Senator Splunge taking a point too far instead of just shutting up. From Inc magazine's interview with the sometime Senator:

What else can the government do to foster entrepreneurship?

The most important thing is start-up facilitation. That can be in the form of capital programs, networking, mentoring, and other opportunities. Another way is through micro-lending. It's a shame to see that program under so much stress with this administration.

Emphasis added. Really now, what evidence does Kerry have that the Bush administration is deliberately putting the screws on micro-loans? Or is it just the standard coda for every left-wing statement to tack on a dig at Bush? Considering that throughout much of Dubya's presidency the prime rate has been at near-historical lows - and thus credit is easier to obtain and afford - it would suggest that Kerry's response is just his typical brand of Brahman bull.

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Jordan said...

Y'know, if they really wanted to encourage entreprenuership they would cut business taxes on small companies, sayyy under 50 people. Doing so would allow much more capital reinvestment and make for faster growing businesses. Once you get more than 50 people on board you're generally stable and have enough cashflow to keep going.