Wednesday, January 31, 2007

Shortest presidential campaign ever – Joe Biden just adores the sound of his own voice and this is what happens. Of course, a year ago I revealed why Biden could never be President.

And remember this quip from Dave Barry? “The U.S. Senate reaches an agreement ending a stalemate over the confirmation of Bush-appointed judges, thus avoiding the so-called ''nuclear option,'' under which Sen. Joe Biden would be allowed to ask a question, thereby shutting the federal government down for months.” Heh.

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And what's with "Heh"? How about "Guffaw"? Or "Cackle"? If you're going to commit, then COMMIT! said...

When did "Heh." become the "amen" of choice on the internet?

You're reproducing the guy's joke, it's safe to assume you found it amusing.