Saturday, October 02, 2004

Minnesota Marines – “President Bush may be taking some hits this week after Thursday's debate with Sen. John Kerry. But among the U.S. Marine reservists who returned to the Twin Cities on Saturday after a seven-month tour in Iraq, there was hardly any doubt about which candidate they favored.”


4LibertyN2004 said...

That is so encouraging to hear. These are tremendously important votes. Troops coming home from Iraq willing to support the Pres, is awesome & it speaks LOUDLY.

Jayson Javitz said...

And, most importanly, Minnesota has 10 electoral votes that Al Gore won (by 3 percent) last time around.

And, since then, they've elected a GOP Gov. and are now very, *very* much in play.


4LibertyN2004 said...

This was so good I had to share it. It was an article on Powerline, & I know there is a pc way to do links, but, I admit - I have no idea what that is - blogging is very new to me. So anyway - check this out - The uses of periodical literature

Reader Tim Mattson writes:

Read the [October] Atlantic Monthly article by James Fallows on Iraq and Bin Laden, "Bush's Lost Year." [Only the opening of the article is included on the Atlantic's site.] Kerry's positions on these subjects were almost directly lifted from the Atlantic, especially his line quoting Powell and his criticism of Tora Bora. Any American who reads the Atlantic could have given Kerry's [positions in the debate].

This demonstrates two things about Kerry. First, he lacks any personal vision for American foreign policy. He simply took the latest issue of the Atlantic and adopted it as his own foreign policy. Second, it demonstrates that Kerry has missed so many Senate Intelligence Committee meetings that he is getting all his foreign policy information from a source available to the public at large. One would hope for more from a presidential candidate.

"one would hope more from a presidential candidate" - True that!