Tuesday, March 16, 2004

Senator Splunge flips out on Cuba

Here’s a recent entry on the inaptly named “DBunker” feature on Kerry’s blog:

John Kerry clear on Cuba

BUSH FICTION: John Kerry misstated his own position on Cuba, saying that he voted for Helms Burton when he didn't.
FACT: In 1995 John Kerry voted twice for the Helms Burton law; but voted against it on final passage in 1996 when House Republicans insisted on an unworkable lawsuit provision that would clog our courts and prevent some claims from ever being settled.

This one doesn’t pass the laugh test. Timothy Noah called this prevarication a “Whopper” on Slate:

Kerry aides told Wallsten that Kerry voted against the final bill because he disagreed with some technicalities added at the last minute, but that he voted for an earlier version of the bill. But every piece of legislation that comes before the Senate is subjected to a succession of votes, many of them tactical in nature. The only vote that counts is final passage. If it were otherwise, any legislator could claim to have voted for or against almost any bill, depending on the audience, and there would be no accountability at all.

There is no dishonor in saying, "I supported that bill initially, but some items were added to it that made it impossible for me to continue that support." Instead, Kerry lied, as is his wont.

The issue of Cuba gives Kerry the hives because Presidential politics forces him to betray his true position to appease voters in Florida. Look at how the Senator sidestepped this volatile issue when Tim Russert raised it on “Meet the Press”:

SEN. KERRY: How do you try to begin to push the capacity for change in Cuba? I think we ought to look at that question.
MR. RUSSERT: In travel? What else besides travel? [easing travel restrictions to Cuba]
SEN. KERRY: Possibly flow of money, funding, I—there are things to look at. I think we just have to reevaluate it. And that’s what I said. It’s an honest statement.

It certainly is an honest statement that we should do…stuff. And reevaluate it. Possibly.

Now that’s clarity.

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