Tuesday, October 07, 2003

John Kerry flogs the myth of Florida

Here’s a statement from Senator Splunge’s web site about the California recall:

Dear Friend,

I need you to help California hold on to its democracy.

Today there is an extremely important election in California and every single vote will count. Don't let California succumb to a right wing Republican power move to alter the outcome of a legitimate election in 2002 because they didn't like the results. Don't let them succeed like they did in Florida 2000! Please remember to vote NO on the recall today
. [Emphasis added]

Even Joe Lieberman (or at least his web page) resisted the urge to compare the legal vote in California to the Florida mess (the one that Bush won). And who are “them”? If the polls are correct, “them” are going to vote Gray Davis out of office today.

I guess when your campaign if floundering it’s time to go for the “us vs. them” tactic. It worked for Gore in 2000 and Davis in 2003; it’s sure to be a winner for Kerry and the Dems in 2004.

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