Thursday, May 29, 2003

Doctor, self-medicate thyself

Poor DB...everytime he starts writing about medical malpractice insurance rates and their deleterious and demoralizing effect on medicine, he starts acting like someone in serious need of lithium. Here are comments lifted from three recent posts on need for tort reform:

1.) I rant so often on tort reform, that I may have to take some law courses.
2.) When will the madness end?
3.) I am obsessed! I see social injustice and I cannot control my fingers. I must type incessantly. Malpractice lawyers are hazardous to patient care. They hide behind hyperbole and obfuscation, yet they are slowly depriving Americans of adequate health care.

That last one is from a post today titled "The true cost of increased malpractice - redux". Please go and read it. Do it for DB.

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