Saturday, December 21, 2019

Stop me if you've heard this before

Andrew Sullivan travels down the well-worn road of "Orange Man Bad":
It [impeachment] is about the character of one man: his decision to forgo any outreach, poison domestic politics, marinate it in deranged invective, betray his followers by enriching the plutocracy, destroy the dignity of the office of president, and turn his position into a means of self-enrichment. 
Sullivan is really wearing out his thesaurus here.  We get it: Trump is a blowhard who doesn't play well with others.  The fact that he doesn't act the way you think he should act is in no way disqualifying to the point of overturning a national election.

Also: in what way is any of this news that we have to be reminded again?  We've literally heard nothing but this message since Hillary's flame-out campaign.  It's sheer foolishness to think this will resonate with voters anymore but, hey, that's life in the bubble.

Here's where Sullivan, realizing there's no meat on the bones, tries to conjure up substance
It’s about the personal abuse of public office: using the presidency’s powers to blackmail a foreign entity into interfering in a domestic election on his behalf, 
Wrong: there's no blackmail.  The Ukrainians said there wasn't, there are exactly zero fact witnesses that testified to it, and the Democrats dropped bribery from their articles.  After all the money spent on focus groups, too!
turning the Department of Justice into an instrument of personal vengeance and political defense,
This one is especially risible.  It's like we didn't just see the Horowitz report where the Obama DOJ actively spied on Trump's campaign using the bogus Steele dossier as a pretext.  But not to worry: Susan Rice sent an email to herself reminding herself that Obama insisted the investigation into a political rival would be "by the book."  Nothing to see here!

The "personal vengeance" and "political defense" Sullivan cites is related to Attorney General Bob Barr stating that FISA warrants were an abuse of the Obama DOJ.  Maybe he doesn't read newspapers.
openly obstructing investigations into his own campaign, 
Fake news.  "Mueller: Investigation was “not at any time curtailed, stopped, or hindered”  But after three years of one witch hunt, Trump was supposed to gather the pitchforks for another?  Go get a court order, losers, and brush up on the meaning of co-equal branches of government.
and treating the grave matter of impeachment as a “hoax” while barring any testimony from his own people.
It was, and is, a hoax and nobody's buying it, despite this overwrought rhetoric.  But I understand: the Democrats and their media have few arrows in their quiver so they have to resort to this moldy-oldie about Trump's character and trying to gaslight everybody about the economy


Roy Lofquist said...

The Constitution of the United States has been disemboweled. The issue is not some misconduct by the President but rather an audacious, egregious encroachment by the Legislature on the prerogatives of the Executive and the Judiciary.

The House of Representatives took issue with the content of a discussion between the President and a foreign sovereign, in which The President is granted plenary powers by the Constitution. In the normal course of our politics this is a matter for the voters or litigation before the Judicial branch. By voting to impeach the President the Congress has not only caused a national crisis but has also effectively blocked the Judiciary from its constitutional role as arbiter in conflicts between the Legislative and Executive.

It matters not what happens next, trial or no, conviction or no. If the Congress is allowed to impeach just because it’s Tuesday then it has established a Sword of Damocles hanging over the head of the President, effectively a veto over any actions he takes, whether foreign or domestic. The Constitution is dead.

Eric said...

James Madison argued against this very kind of impeachment because it would turn our government into a Parliament-type setup, the very British government America had just escaped.

Anonymous said...

An enthusiastically bitter barrage of punctured lies, buzzwords, dead conspiracies, grudges and talking points. But you'll never match up to Bad Orange Man.

Eric said...

Yes, thank you, anonymous.

Anonymous said...

"Stop me if you've heard this before"

Overturning an election, spying on Trump, fake news, witch hunt, Steele dossier, focus groups, Orange Man Bad, TOTAL EXONERATION...

Stop. We've heard this before.

Eric said...

I sure hope Trump is exonerated of these completely invented "crimes." Totally.

Anonymous said...

I sure hope that every GOP Senator running in 2020 votes to exonerate him.