Thursday, November 01, 2018

Sauce for the goose

Like so many Democrat-led initiatives (nuclear option, anyone?), the practice of court shopping to find a Hawaiian judge was all the rage just a little while ago:
Democrats were ecstatic when a judge in Honolulu barred enforcement of the Trump administration’s travel ban. They were thrilled when a judge in Chicago halted a policy to rescind grant funding to sanctuary cities. In both cases, the judges extended their ruling beyond the litigants to the whole country, issuing so-called national injunctions.
But now?
For opponents of Donald Trump’s administration, this legal maneuver has seemed like a godsend. Now it may come back to haunt them, as a single federal judge in Texas considers putting the Affordable Care Act on ice—not only in Texas, but anywhere in the country.
Now these two lawyers writing for the the increasingly-left-leaning Atlantic think that national injunctions are a bad idea.  For some reason.


Roger Bournival said...

Saul Alinsky - 'Make them live up to their own rules'.

Anonymous said...

To find even the smallest precedent for the Democrats' shortsighted scheming and targeting tactics, we must delve all the way back to...