Tuesday, May 08, 2018

One of us

Hot Air: "Samantha Bee: Hey, I’m Really Sorry For Portraying Eric Schneiderman As A Superhero."

City Journal: "Eric Schneiderman’s Inevitable Fall - The New York attorney general’s dark-side personal life was an open secret in Democratic Party circles."

Samantha Bee lives in New York City and fancies herself as a whip-smart comedian or something, but not so smart to see through the AG's #MeToo hypocrisy. 


Anonymous said...

1. Samantha Bee is terrible. More than just stipulated, emphatically proclaimed.

2. Some conservatives have a problem understanding how late night comedy works. Here's the whole basis of the joke: Schneiderman rhymes with "Spider-Man." That's it.

If the man's name was Eric Schnoopy, they would have done a sketch based on "Peanuts."

If he were Eric Schnacebook, or Eric Schnardashian, or Eric Schnlanetoftheapes... well, you can take it from here.

Roger Bournival said...

Ima waiting for the SNL skits this weekend making sport of this asshole!

Anonymous said...

Pre-orchestrating the negative reaction is smart and fair. SNL has always had its cast do hilarious impressions of state Attorneys General. It's what the show is best known for.