Saturday, March 03, 2018

Still a nothingburger

Hot Air: "Condi Rice To Adam Schiff: ‘I Really Hope You Can Wrap It Up’."

In his appearance on "The View", Schiff repeated the same two charges of "collusion" that Jim Himes tried to sell on Fox News Sunday last week:
HIMES: Well, it depends on how you define collusion. When George Papadopoulos hears from somebody associated with the Russians that they're about to release a whole bunch of information and then they do, when Donald Trump Jr. invites Russians into his office in order to get dirt on the Clinton campaign. Chris, you tell me if that crosses your threshold for collusion. But that is hardly really (INAUDIBLE) innocent (ph).

WALLACE: Well, frankly, sir, as long as you asked, no, it doesn't. I mean -- I mean you can say that they were conversations, but that certainly doesn't indicate there was a conspiracy by the Trump campaign and the Russian -- and the Kremlin to -- to interfere.
This is where we are after a year: that drunk college student and the Veselnitskaya meeting?  Wrap it up already.


Anonymous said...

Still a nothingburger ... This is where we are after a year: that drunk college student and the Veselnitskaya meeting?

sdharms said...

would some one please keep pointing out there is no statute against COLLUSION. and collusion does not equal conspiracy. THe MSM who equate the two are counting on the ignorance of the masses.

And.... scene. said...

Joss Whedon on Twitter:[quote]Trump: Why don’t people talk about crooked Hillary’s pizza murders? Did Obama get the hook for the Russian meddling ‘cause he’s an “urban”? Am I the best president, or greatest? What does Vlad call me? Best? Greatest?

Prison Laundry Supervisor: I meant questions about the job[/quote]