Tuesday, February 13, 2018

Now bake me a cake

I swear I don't know what's right anymore: "Now You Can’t Paint Over Graffiti On Your Own Building."  Because...art exists on your private property.


Legal Pointz said...

The case was in the middle of being adjudicated. But the landlord pulled a big F.U. not just to the artists but to the court by destroying the disputed artwork in the middle of the night, before the court's decision.

A jury ruled last year that in doing so, the owner had thus violated federal law. Then the judge issued a large punitive fine of $6.7 million. The judge said in his ruling that he would not have assessed nearly so much in damages if the owner had simply waited for the legal permits to be approved instead of acting willfully.

Private property only exists because of law. Perhaps this decision will encourage more people to abide by laws.

Anonymous said...

Now bake me a cake

I suppose every American generation deserves its own Lester Maddox.