Monday, September 25, 2017

The New York Times sucks

I have to admit that I'm facing a dearth of topics to blog about recently.  I don't want to talk about the past which includes Hillary and Obama.  I'm in the Ben Shapiro camp when it comes to Trump.  The Republicans' recent half-assed attempt to repeal Obamacare was always doomed to failure; these dummies will probably botch tax reform too.  The culture wars are an exhausting marathon of outrage.

Thank heaven there's always the failing New York Times to fill the void.  Don Surber: "It's official: NYT couldn't cover a Dumpster fire in its newsroom."
How lousy is the New York Times today? Its staff is so inept that it would not be able to cover a Dumpster fire in its newsroom.

Here was the set-up. A staffer ("a contributing writer") for the New York Times Magazine wrote a book. The editors assigned another staffer to review the book.

Not only did the book reviewer pan the book, but she made numerous errors in the review, so many that the Times had to issue a lengthy correction -- which only brought further attention to the author getting a bad review.
The reviewer was a recent hire of editorial editor James "I don't read the paper" Bennet.


Aldo Newsthatsfit said...

The failing New York Times added more than half a million digital subscriptions in 2016, passing USA Today to be the second-biggest newspaper by circulation. The Times added another 328,000+ digital subscriptions in the first quarter of 2017.

Just this increase alone would rank 4th among all U.S. newspapers for circulation.

I have to admit that I'm facing a dearth of topics to blog about recently.

Proving the old maxim that it's possible to get everything you wanted, and still not be very happy. Maybe tonight's Alabama primary will perk you up?

Eric said...

Pffff - fake news. Where's the source to this?

Jeff Gregory said...

New York Times sucks the Democratic Party sucks the world is a better place thanks to l
President Trump the left should realize it maybe they are to stupid cheers the average Joe

Jeff Gregory said...

God Bess America