Friday, July 01, 2016

Loretta Lynch recuses

NY Times: "Lynch to Accept F.B.I. Recommendations in Clinton Email Inquiry, Official Says"
Attorney General Loretta E. Lynch plans to announce on Friday that she will accept whatever recommendation career prosecutors and the F.B.I. director make about whether to bring charges related to Hillary Clinton’s personal email server, a Justice Department official said. Her decision removes the possibility that a political appointee will overrule investigators in the case.

The Justice Department had been moving toward such an arrangement for months — officials said in April that it was being considered — but a private meeting between Ms. Lynch and former President Bill Clinton this week set off a political furor and made the decision all but inevitable.
As someone who has been following this case closely (BAE Systems, anyone?), I believe that Hillary will be indicted not only for mishandling of classified information but for influence peddling.  The highly-politicized DOJ was the only stonewall between the FBI and the courts, and now that's gone.

Why did Bill do it?  There's a conspiracy theory that he does not want to be "First Husband" and this would seem to bolster that argument.


The Fog of Tar said...

The highly-politicized DOJ was the only stonewall between the FBI and the courts, and now that's gone.

Wait. An Obama administration official makes a claim and it's supposed to be believed?

If Rodham Clinton does get indicted, it will be fascinating to watch the wild-eyed desperation of the Democrats as they seek to find someone to blame. Will it be Fox News? Republican dirty tricks? Secret conservative leanings of James Comey? The ever-reliable Vast Right-Wing Conspiracy?

The only thing we know for sure is that there are two who will not get the blame: Hillary (who is entitled to get away with doing whatever she wants), and themselves (despite choosing to nominate as a candidate someone under active FBI criminal investigation - Duh).

But yeah, Lynch's "recusal" isn't worth the spit in her mouth when she said it.

SR said...

I predict that Hillary will be indicted, will have to drop out of the race, and then will be pardoned by Obama, because she has too much dirt on him.

It will be interesting to see what Democrats do for a substitute- there will be hell to pay if the deny it to Bernie...

Anonymous said...