Tuesday, September 21, 2010

Everybody act surprised - Patterico: "Congratulations, Barry. Obamacare means no health insurance for kids."

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Hello, single payer... said...

Meanwhile, the health care law mandates that children cannot be denied this supposedly "vanishing" coverage, if they're included under a parent's policy or a group policy.

Meanwhile, these industry threats cannot and do not affect any child already covered by an existing child-only policy.

Meanwhile, some insurance companies have been using rescission for decades to cancel the policies due to expense or preexisting conditions. Suddenly they're pretending that denying coverage is a new, onerous burden on their profit sheets.

Meanwhile, other insurance companies have recently LOWERED their rates in anticipation of the new plan. (The private sector making individual decisions as they compete for business - what a concept!)

But why let facts interfere with 50,000 message board posts from conservatives parroting "Unintended consequences! Unintended consequences!" Amazing, the way that identical wordings and phrases occur to everybody all of a sudden.