Thursday, July 08, 2010

So it's come to this - WashPost: "White House contest asks federal workers for money-saving ideas."

Last week, the federal deficit jumped by $166 billion in a single day. So, you know, just in time! But if the suggestion box doesn't help, we can always look forward to this: "Democrats mean to raise middle-class taxes in 2011."


Bram said...

Here's my suggestion:

Fire 140,885 of the 141,885 employees at the Department of Commerce. Fire all at 17,477 the Department of Labor, all 68,000 at the Department of Health and Human Services, all 58,622 at Transportation and all 5,000 at Education. Sell the buildings once everyone is out. Then get serious about cutting costs.

Who says budgeting is hard?

Anonymous said...

It's so simple! And I do mean simple!