Saturday, July 29, 2006

That sinking feeling

So many things offend me about the Big Dig. As an engineer, it’s an indictment of my profession. As a taxpayer, it’s an outrageous boondoggle. And as a resident of Western Massachusetts, the cost overruns will be borne in part by residents of the state who will receive almost no benefit. But now I’m getting the sickening feeling that everybody involved with the Boston tunnel project is a rank, ass-covering, liar:

Officials at the Big Dig construction company where safety officer John J. Keaveney worked in 1999 have been unable to locate a memo that Keaveney said he wrote warning his superiors that the Interstate 90 connector ceiling could collapse, a construction industry official said yesterday.
Keaveney insists he wrote and sent the memo. But the other day I characterized his story about a third-grader questioning the tunnel design as “unreal” and it looks like I may have stumbled upon the truth. Now there will be search for this precocious child which will likely lead to nothing. The Big Dig saga continues to sink from the bothersome, to the ridiculous, to the tragic.

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Fred said...

I've had strong suspicions that the Big Dig was nothing more than a corrupt boondoggle ever since I watched a documentary on the project years ago. I believe it was on the History channel and it followed around a guy whose sole job was to go all over Boston telling everyone that things were going to get noisy shortly (or some such thing). I thought then that if they were so proud of something so obviously a waste of taxpayer’s money, what they weren’t proud of must be a real doozy.