Wednesday, April 26, 2006

Air America slightly more popular than white noise - Did you see Drudge’s big “scoop” that Air America’s New York ratings had dropped from an anemic 1.6 in winter 2005 to a barely-registering 1.0 share in winter 2006? As Brian Maloney reports, Drudge was being generous: Air America’s flagship station in New York only pulled in a 0.8 share. It appears AA's audience is now composed of mostly "accidental" listeners.


TGK said...

And some of those listeners are Republicans like me, who just want to be occasionally reminded of how pathetic and whiney liberals are.

docweasel said...

well quit it tgk! I'd like to see Err Amerika's ratings flatline ;)

The world's smartest computer said...

Premise: Liberals are angry, conservatives use reason.
Reality: Liberals ignore bitter partisan liberal radio, conservatives can't get enough of theirs.
Conclusion: Bzzt! Does not compute... does not compute... danger danger overload... Zzzztttt!!!!

TM Lutas said...

the world's smartest computer - What nice leftie spin. The reality is that both grand electoral factions have their nutters, their hate merchants. Each has a responsibility to keep their extremists in check and harmless. The Republicans are currently doing a much better job of it and it's a major reason why they've finally gotten control of the entire government. Unfortunately, they'll likely be tossed partially out of power in the 2006 elections, a prediction I made 2 years ago on my own blog.

The Democrat party is becoming a 'moon' party, good for the occasional message sent to keep the majority party honest but not much else but if they don't keep their Michael Moores in the background, they'll be winning even fewer elections than a normal minority party would.

$160 said...

Do you have a favorite poem?

Then i said, he can stop returning, nobody is forcing him to do so.

I run/walk for 20 minutes every morning because I have no time and/or am too worn out at night.

And because I'm not who I'd want to be. I've just gotta ask this because I ponder weird things while at work. And yes, I did get in trouble and had to be escorted back into the hotel by Chris because I was talking on my phone by the beach too loudly to Brad about these mysterious guys from Winnisquam who worked at the Margate and tried to sneak into the reception and get beer and claimed to know both him and Conner and hotel guestablished heard me and complained...

And I do like the phrase, I was just poking you to see what you'd do...

The challenge of coming up with a subject to write about and the practice writing causes you to start noticing things in your day that you would not usually notice.

The rest of the time in Tucson was a fantastic testament to everything vacation can and should be. A lil of everything.