Wednesday, September 15, 2004

The frozen tundra of Lambert Field

"Still, it might take more than the Kennedy mystique to put the "Lambert" moment behind Kerry -- a moment Kerry aides call a slip of the tongue. The Bush campaign is planning to rehash the comment until Election Day as a way of portraying Kerry as detached from the beer-drinking, bratwurst-eating folks of Wisconsin. College Republicans in Madison, where Kerry will visit Wednesday, are planning to greet him with a new sign: "It's Lambeau, Stupid!"


Anonymous said...

To quote Bugs Bunny, "What a Maroon!"

I've actally worked at Lambeau! I don't think Kerry could find it with a seeing eye dog.


Anonymous said...

All I can think of is an old cartoon from my youth called "Lambert the Sheepish Lion".

He looks a bit like Kerry with that long face:

Anonymous said...

I live an hour from Green Bay, and 2 hours from Madison.. GB is fairly conservative, but as most people know, Madison is the Berkeley of the midwest.. I've roamed the streets near the college campus, where anti-Bush signs are posted on every telephone poll, and Kerry bumperstickers are never out of sight

the point being that while anyone from Wisconsin would feel insulted by a Lambert Field comment, the people of Madison (particularly the students, who number in the tens of thousands) are so pro-Kerry that his comment about GB (as well as the hundreds of other foot-in-mouth comments that he regularly makes) will be chalked up as 'charm'

but not to worry.. the rest of Wisconsin seems to be consistently moving closer to Bush.. we've now got an 8 point lead over Kerry.. we just need to assign supervisors at certain polls on election day.. no more repeats of 'Smokes For Votes' in Milwaukee, or Marquette College students voting 4 or more times each

Anonymous said...

If the Lambert Field thing wasn't enough, yesterday in Madison, Kerry referred to Madison's famous landmark State Street Brats as "Main Street Brats." Doh!