Thursday, November 20, 2003

Stop spending money

I’ve been a big supporter of President Bush, but I find it extremely difficult to disagree with Andrew Sullivan’s criticism of the energy bill today:

How any principled, small-government, free-market Republican could vote for this vast waste of public money is beyond me. But we're beginning to realize that GOP has nothing to do with small government or fiscal sobriety. It's a vehicle for massive debt and catering to the worst forms of corporate welfare.

The Democrats will certainly make a huge stink when the U.S. has to raise the federal borrowing ceiling again to feed into a national debt that is fast approaching $7 trillion. I know we’ve been fighting the war on terrorism, but this energy bill and its big brother the prescription drug bill have nothing to do with our security (if anything, the argument could be made that they make America less secure).

Congressional Republicans really ought to ask themselves: when Tom Daschle says he supports GOP-drafted legislation, isn't something seriously off-kilter?

"Man Bites Dog" extra: While I'm taking Bush to task, Kos has been declaring that "It's Time for Daschle to Go." It's Bizarro world!

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